"When our son started at Behavior Analysis, Inc. he could only say about 7 words, had little receptive and communication skills and did not answer to his name. He was in his own world. After eight months of intensive one on one therapy at BAI we now have another child. He is aware of his surrondings, has too many words to count, knows the entire alphabet, answers to his name and is playing appropriately" 

—Mon & Dad of Jason


     "Before we started Behavior Analysis, Inc. my son had many behaviors that hindered his health and lifestyle. His food intake was extremely limited. No meat, vegetables or fruit. He now eats most vegetables, fruits and meat. He started growing off the charts. We can now enjoy meals with our son and going out is becoming a great adventure instead of our worst nightmare. We are blessed beyond our wildest dreams and we will be forever grateful of our experience with the people at Behavior Analysis, Inc."

—Darci, Mother of Ryan


     "Before I discovered Behavior Analysis, Inc. my son was not verbal, would not make eye contact and had many repetitive behaviors. Now, he is a different child. He is no longer in his own little world. He is in mine. He is talking in sentences, engages and plays with his brothers and even expresses and understands emotions"

—Ruby, Mother of Sebastian