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WARNING. We are in no way affiliated with any entity or person in the Middle East. We have had reports that Dr. Mohammed Fraihat may be representing that he was clinically trained by Behavior Analysis, Inc. or the Florida Autism Treatment Centers and/or that he is affiliated with us. This is absolutely not true. We have provided only basic, entry-level training to, and have no current agreement with, this individual and he does not represent us in any way.

Family Strengthening

bat logo2Behavior Analysis, Inc. also has a sister company, Behavior Analysis and Therapy, Inc. (BAT). BAT is a non-profit 501(C)(3) corporation that provides behavioral services funded by competitive governmental grants. BAT presently operates two programs: Behavioral Education and Therapy and Parenting for Success. Both programs are funded entirely by the Children’s Network of Southwest Florida, which is the local community-based care agency for Circuit 20, covering Lee, Charlotte, Collier, Hendry and Glades counties. Both programs operate in all five counties.


Parenting for Success Program

Family4Our Parenting for Success Program serves children and families already involved in the foster care system. The program consists of three major components:

  • A 3 hour training course in basic behavior management as part of training all new foster parents receive.
  • A nine-hour advanced behavior management training course for foster parents wishing to improve their behavior management skills.
  • Intensive in-home behavioral services to address a child's inappropriate behaviors which may threaten his or her placement.

We are proud to be the first program of its kind in south Florida, providing a high level of individualized behavioral support to assist foster parents in dealing with children who have a history of trauma and abuse.

How It Works – Training Classes

REGISTRATION. Our basic behavior management classes are conducted as part of the standard foster care training program required for all new foster parents. Our advanced behavior management classes ore open to any licensed foster parent and count towards re-licensing requirements. Licensed foster parents may sign up for any of the scheduled classes posted on the Children's Network of Southwest Florida website. The Children's Network may also request families to attend when the family is identified as needing additional training. To register, simply call (239) 461-8385.

CLASSES. All classes are held at times and places convenient for foster parents. Class size is small to promote learning and all classes are fun and interactive. All methods discussed are proven to be effective and highly practical. They can be carried out in your own home!

How It Works – In-Home Behavioral Supports

REFERRAL. Any foster parent experiencing challenging behavior may request these services by contacting a placement coordinator. All referrals must be authorized by the Children's Network of Southwest Florida. We strongly encourage foster parents, case managers and placement coordinators to be proactive and request this important service at the first sign of behavior that might threaten a child's placement.

HOME VISITS. Program staff (behavior analyst) visits the family home and conducts an in-depth behavioral assessment of the behavior problems and the family's response to the behavior problem. We then develop behaviorally-based interventions designed to improve the child's behavior and family relationships to maintain the stability of the child's placement. The foster parents, and sometimes significant others, are trained on how to carry out the interventions. Follow up visits are provided to ensure that the interventions are successful and that the family is equipped with the skills needed to deal with any future problem behaviors that may arise.

FOLLOW UP. If the family experiences problems after our home visits have stopped or just has questions, they may contact us for additional assistance. Program staff will provide assistance over the telephone or at the family's home.

Note: This is not a crisis management program and is only available to foster families in Lee, Charlotte, Collier, Hendry and Glades counties in Florida. We cannot provide services to other persons. If you are intersted in these service but are not a foster parent in this area, please call (954) 577-7790 to see how we can help you.

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These programs are currently being reviewed for replication in other areas in Florida and in several other states.

If you are interested in replicating these programs in your area, please contact us for more information at (954) 577-7790 or info@behavior-analysis.org.

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