A Few Words About Us

     Behavior Analysis, Inc. (BAI) is south Florida's oldest and most respected behavioral consulting agency and is one of the world's leading behavioral services companies. We provide state-of-the-art education and behavior therapy services throughout south Florida. We also provide long-distance consulting services anywhere in the English- and Spanish-speaking world. BAI has an international reputation for effectively teaching and treating persons with learning delays, behavioral disorders and other, difficult-to-teach individuals. We serve individuals with and without formal diagnoses including the following (and many more):

    - Autism Spectrum Disorders
     - Attention Deficit Disorders
     - Behavior Problems
     - Language & Communication Delays
     - Defiance 
     - Food Refusal & Selectivity|
     - Impulsiveness
     - Oppositional Behaviors
     - Social Skills Deficits
     - Tantrums


What We Offer

     For individuals and families, we offer programs designed to teach or increase all forms of desired behavior as well as programs aimed at reducing undesired behaviors. For organizations and agencies, we provide expert consultation on individual cases, general behavior management systems to improve the behavior of groups of individuals and staff training. For parents, teachers and other professionals who work with person who have behavior problems or learning delays, we offer a variety of workshops and seminars. Some of our specialities are listed below.

ABA Therapy
Reducing Problem Behaviors
Daily Living Skills
Play & Social Skills
Speech, Language & Communication
Self-Care Skills
Academic Tutoring
School Consultation
Parent/Staff Training
Consultation to Agencies/Organizations


      Don't see what you're looking for? Contact us to schedule a free phone consultation. We'll be happy to speak to you about your specific needs and see how best we can help you. Just email us at info@behavior-analysis.org  or call us at (954) 577-7790.