Our Behavior Community

Behavior Analysis, Inc. and its sister company Behavior Analysis and Therapy, Inc. provide state-of-the-art behavioral education, training, treatment and consultation services. We are primarily located in the south Florida area but provide training and consultation services throughout the world, especially the Caribbean and Latin America. Our behavioral community ranges from persons just entering the field of behavior analysis through well known figures in the field of behavior analysis. Our past and present staff come from the leading graduate training programs in the United States, including:

Florida Institute of Technology
Florida State University
Southern Illinois University
University of Florida
University of Nevada – Reno
University of North Texas
University of the Pacific
University of South Florida
Western Michigan University

Our Behavior Community

At all levels, there are opportunities for professional development and advancement. We provide education and training to our bachelor’s degree staff to help them become Board Certified Associate Behavior Analysts. For our masters degree staff who wish to continue their professional development, we have established relationships with several local universities offering doctoral-level training.

We also encourage and provide stipends for attendance at local, state, and national conferences and other training events related to effective behavioral treatment and education. Applied behavior analytic research is also encouraged at all levels and we offer a monetary bonus for each behavioral article published. Other learning opportunities come from frequent staff contact, staff meetings, research group meetings, and our ongoing colloquium series.

We make every attempt to match each staff member’s individual professional goals with their job responsibilities. Staff members who have interests in specific areas are encouraged to pursue research in these areas as well as bring in contracts and/or additional funding for work in these areas. Our only stipulation is that all activities are behavior analytic in nature.

Because of the many opportunities for professional development, variety of job responsibilities, competitive salary and benefits, our turnover is quite low and we have a close, happy family! Whether you are just interested in exploring behavior analysis as a career or are already an established behavior analyst seeking exciting new opportunities, we’d love to hear from you. Click here to see our Current Openings.