What Is Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention?

What is Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention?

Behavior Analysis, Inc. is South Florida’s oldest applied behavior analysis (ABA) agency that offers leading behavioral therapy to individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Down Syndrome, intellectual disabilities, learning delays, behavioral disorders, or developmental delays. While Behavior Analysis, Inc. provides services to individuals of all ages, we are now also offering Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention services (commonly known as just “Early Intervention” for children between the ages of 1-5.

What is Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention?

Early Intervention is an approach based on decades of research that has been used to help young children with autism overcome a variety of learning and behavioral deficits. It uses the principles of ABA to teach communication and social skills while also targeting and improving challenging behavior. “Intensive” refers to the child receiving 25-40 hours of services per week to maximize their progress. Research shows that young children between the ages of 1-5 who receive consistent ABA based services of over 25 hours a week often make significant progress. Practice makes better!

Within the Early Intervention program, our objective is to help prepare your child for a typical classroom setting by creating unique and individualized programs that meet  your child’s needs. Some potential skills we may target with the child are:

  • Functional Communication Skills:
    • expressing wants and needs,
    • labeling common items, actions, emotions, sensations, etc.,
    • answering social questions,
    • engaging in typical conversational skills
  • Understanding common instructions, etc. School Readiness Skills:
    • pre-academic skills such as coloring, cutting, tracing and copying,
    • daily living skills such as potty training, washing hands, opening and closing lunch containers
  • Social Skills:
    • responding to name,
    • joint attention,
    • eye contact,
    • playing around and near peers,
    • sharing,
    • cooperative play

What to expect?

If you feel your child may benefit from our Early Intervention program, then our Client Services Coordinator will begin the process of verifying insurance benefits. Once verified, we will schedule the child for an assessment with one of our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) who will assess your child and recommend a treatment dosage based on your child’s unique needs.  After the assessment is completed an individualized treatment plan will be created to help address the most important areas of your child’s development. Early Intervention services can be provided in one of our clinics, the child’s daycare or preschool, or in-home. Regardless of the child’s needs, we will provide ABA therapy wherever it’s needed most!

Once the child is enrolled in our Early Intervention program, you can expect the child to be engaged continuously with our therapists resulting in rapid learning that furthers their potential for success in the classroom and in their day-to-day life. Our team will ensure that learning is fun and exciting throughout the day. Children in our program learn to communicate their needs and follow basic routines all while making friends with their peers in a dynamic environment. Naturally occurring opportunities will be used to ensure target the child’s program to ensure that their learning is memorable and easily translated to other settings and situations. Our goal is to make certain that every child leaves our program ready for kindergarten and beyond.

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